Python Boot Camp

Python Boot Camp
Experienced software developers who are interested or take part in the development of Python-based applications, like AI, web applications, or desktop applications.
This course may be held in English.

The course will teach fundamentals of Python development, which are useful to develop AI, web applications, or desktop applications. This covers the following aspects:

  • IDEs and tools, like PyDev, PyCharms, Jupyter Notebooks, …
  • Module system
  • Data structures
  • Classes and functions
  • List comprehension, lambda
  • File operations (IO)
  • Libraries for efficient handling of multidimensional data: NumPy, Pandas
  • Graphical development with Qt

If you want to apply your new or refreshed knowledge in Python development on AI / Machine Learning tasks we recommend the online course "Programmierbarkeits-Kurs Python" of the Haisem-Lab as a complementary course to the Python Boot Camp. The online course is held on 17/18 of June. You can find more information on the course and sign up to it here:


Within a two-day workshop, foundational concepts of Python development are presented.

The presented concepts are then used and revised in practical exercises. It will be possible to customise these exercises to specific examples of interest for in-house developments.


This course will be held at the 3.6.2021 and 4.6.2021.

There are no Costs related to this course. The course is a further education course and part of the Transfer- and Exchange-network on digital transformation of the University of Hildesheim. The course is financed by funds from the European Social Fund.

The course will be held online (link will be sent to registered users) by the University of Hildesheim

Stiftung Universität Hildesheim
Institut für Informatik
Abteilung Software System Engineering
Universitätsplatz 1
31141 Hildesheim
Tel.: 05121 883 40330
Email: weiterbildung[at]

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