Efficient Variability Management

Kurs Logo: Effektives Variantenmanagement
Employees who are interested in or take part in the efficient development of product families and the reuse of functionalities within product families.
With the help of the techniques presented in the workshop development costs of software can be reduced significantly while simultaneously increasing the quality of software.
This course will be delivered in English.

The workshop will provide insights and knowledge on the efficient development of product families. The workshop will detail the impact of product families on the general software development techniques, as well as provide additional competencies to ensure successful variability management, such as Scoping and variability modelling.

The implementation and testing of components will be detailed by the provision of an introduction to effective variability management using current product line development tools.


Within a two-day workshop, foundational concepts of effective variability management are presented.

The presented concepts are then used and revised in practical exercises. It will be possible to customise these exercises to specific examples of interest for in-house developments.


The course will be held online. The dates for the course are to be announced.

There are no Costs related to this course. The course is a further education course and part of the Transfer- and Exchange-network on digital transformation of the University of Hildesheim. The course is financed by funds from the European Social Fund.

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